VitaDHA liquid in vials

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VitaDHA  liquido in fiale è integratore alimentare di acido docosaesaenoico DHA, facilmente assimilabile dall'organismo perchè apporta omega-3 in forma di trigliceridi naturali.

Quantity portion: 1
Number of servings: 30
Lot and deadline: 23020885 - Maggio 2026
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VitaDHA® è un integratore alimentare di acido docosaesaenoico (DHA Plus®) derivato da olio di pesce purificato, deodorizzato ed aromatizzato al gradevole gusto di limone. Il DHA Plus® di VitaDHA® è altamente biodisponibile perché in forma di trigliceride facilmente assimilabile dall'organismo.

VitaDHA® è un prodotto liquido a base di olio di pesce dal gradevole e sorprendente sapore.

VitaDHA è un integratore alimentare indicato sia per ADULTI che per BAMBINI: in particolare per chi ha difficoltà a deglutire le capsule e necessita di una integrazione importante con alti dosaggi di omega 3 DHA/EPA. 

VitaDHA è adatto a tutti i membri della famiglia!

  • Acido docosaesaenoico (DHA) e acido eicosapentaenoico (EPA): gli acidi grassi polinsaturi omega-3 a lunga catena DHA ed EPA sono parte strutturale delle membrane cellulari del nostro organismo. In particolare, il DHA è presente in concentrazione elevata nella retina e nelle strutture nervose. A livello funzionale il DHA svolge un ruolo fondamentale nella mediazione di processi biochimici che consentono la trasmissione dei segnali tra cellule neuronali. L’omega-3 DHA contribuisce al mantenimento delle normali funzioni cerebrali e visive. L’effetto benefico si ottiene con l’assunzione giornaliera di 250 mg di DHA.

Indications and methods of use

si consiglia una fiala al giorno da assumere tal quale o diluita in bevande o alimenti freddi o tiepidi. La somministrazione contemporanea ai pasti favorisce l’assorbimento degli ingredienti attivi.


Do not use in cases of known hypersensitivity to any of the components of the product or other closely related substances from a chemical standpoint.

Undesirable effects

None known.


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children under 3 years of age. 


Store at room temperature, away from sources of heat, light and moisture. The product is valid for 24 months from the date of manufacture.

*Regolamento 432/2012 della Commissione Europea -

Average content of characterizing ingredients
Per 1 fiala (6 g/6,5 ml)
DHA1450 mg
EPA330 mg
Omega-3 totali2000 mg
*Valori Nutrizionali di Riferimento (Reg. CE 1160/2011)


Olio di tonno purificato e standardizzato in acidi grassi Omega-3 EPA e DHA, Tocoferoli naturali, Aroma di limone.

U.G.A. supplements. Nutraceuticals comply with Good Manufacturing Practices ( GMP ) rules, a list of standards that regulates the methods, equipment, means and management of production to ensure quality standards. These standards are mainly used in the pharmaceutical and food fields. 

Constant attention and monitoring throughout the entire production cycle enabled the company to obtain ISO9001 certification (a certification attesting to the quality of a company system). 

U.G.A. Nutraceuticals is also a member of GOED (Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3), a body whose mission is to globally disseminate knowledge of omega-3 supplements, promote ethical and quality standards, and support various organizations on information and safety.

Shipping to Italy

Shipping costs within the national border are calculated as follows:

  • FREE for orders above € 20.00 via TNT courier;
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Average delivery time is 24-48 working hours from the day of shipment.

Overseas shipping

We ship, by express courier, worldwide via UPS, DHL or FedEx. On average, delivery takes 72-96 hours. We normally process all orders within 24 hours.
Shipping costs to Europe are calculated as follows:

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In the rest of the world:

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For shipments outside the European Union, you may have to pay an import tax or customs duties. These fees are separate from shipping charges.

To get an idea of the final cost, the following site can be consulted.

Temperature-controlled shipping

Temperature-controlled shipping takes place in Eurodifarm's refrigerated vans, the same ones used by pharmaceutical distributors.

We are the first in Italy to adopt this distribution system for dietary supplements as well. All for the benefit of the customer at a small additional cost: 

  • €15 for orders from 0 to 5 kg 
  • € 30 for orders over 5 kg 

 Delivery times are longer than those of a regular courier service, particularly on islands, because it is necessary to ensure the cold chain and freshness of the product at every step.

Il cliente viene contattato telefonicamente prima della consegna per concordare con il corriere un orario di consegna. 
Tempi medi per la consegna: 4-10 gg. lavorativi.


In order to ensure prompt delivery, it is important to provide an address where there is always someone during the day to receive the package, e.g., the concierge, office, etc.

The Benefits of Omega-3s

The properties of Omega-3s are useful as early as gestation, when they help the proper development of the baby's cardiovascular system, brain and eyes. And again to protect the heart, arteries, nervous system and eyesight, it is important to ensure adequate levels during the rest of life as well. Of all the possible benefits of Omega-3s that have been most studied, the best known relate to the heart:

  • To the reduction of blood triglyceride levels after meals and on an empty stomach;
  • to the increase in so-called "good" cholesterol (the HDL, High Density Lipoproteins);
  • to antithrombotic properties that could help reduce the risk of serious cardiovascular events (such as heart attack and stroke);
  • To an antiarrhythmic effect; 
  • to an anti-inflammatory action that by affecting the dilation of arteries could help fight hypertension, especially during old age.


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