Periodic purchase

If you are a customer who frequently purchases our products and are tired of having to place a new order every time, here is the solution for you!

On our eCommerce site you can make periodic purchases by subscribing. This will facilitate the purchasing process by always having the best price on the site.



What is it all about?

Periodic purchasing allows you to purchase the products you want and receive them without having to renew your order each time.

Once the periodic purchase is activated, you will receive products at the frequency you indicate, which may be by:


  • 30 days;
  • 60 days;
  • 90 days.





This way, not only will you not have to make the purchase manually, but you will receive a 25% discount on subscription products. The charge will be made automatically to the payment method associated with your account the moment your order is processed.


The payment methods available for periodic subscription are credit card or PayPal.











For example, if I consume a 30-capsule pack of Vitality 1000 each month, through the periodic purchase I will be able to receive the chosen product monthly at a 25% discount off the list price. The charge will occur automatically every 30 days. 


Once the subscription is made you will receive a confirmation email and you can manage it through your personal page in the section: "Subscribe and Save."

















In case you do not have an account in the confirmation e-mail you will receive a link from which you can manage your subscription. You will simply click on "Manage Periodic Subscription."























From your subscriptions page you can view your active subscriptions:













Click on your subscription to see the next scheduled delivery. 

Selecting "Watch upcoming orders" will allow you to manage your next delivery.












Clicking skip will allow you to skip the next scheduled delivery. 

























Instead, by clicking on "Edit" you can manage your subscription:

















Here you will be able to edit:

  1. The quantity delivered;
  2. Delivery date;
  3. Frequency;
  4. Payment method;
  5. Shipping address;
  6. Your personal information. 

















Also from the subscriptions section of your personal page you can subscribe to a new subscription to another product. 









In case you want to cancel a subscription all you have to do is click on the subscription in question and select "Cancel Subscription." This will cancel your subscription at no additional cost. 
















What are the advantages?

By subscribing to a subscription you can get several benefits, including: 



  • 25% off the list price for each product;
  • Ability to cumulate active promotions, benefiting from both the Deal discount and the 25% discount applied to periodic purchase;
  • Convenience of not having to repeat the order every time you want to buy the product.