Heart in Wellness

Cardiovascular disease is one of the most frequent causes of death in industrialized countries. Advances in the treatment of these disorders in recent years are numerous, but according to theWorld Health Organization it is prevention that plays a key role. In fact, 30 percent of cardiovascular disorders could be prevented by following a proper diet.

The first clues date back to the 1970s, when the first studies appeared on the dietary habits and health conditions of the Eskimos who inhabited Greenland. These populations had a diet particularly high in fat; yet the incidence of heart disease was among the lowest in the world.

The mainstay of the Eskimo diet is precisely the high intake of Omega-3, in which fish from the seas of their homeland are rich.

Since these studies, research on the effects of Omega-3s on human health has expanded to several areas of medicine. Many of the data collected relate specifically to heart disease. 

Based on what has been discussed, it is clear that the action exerted by Omega-3s in the body prevents and counteracts cardiovascular risk factors, for example, high triglyceride levels, high blood pressure, and arrhythmias.

Studies of patients with cardiovascular diseases, such as the same arrhythmias and myocardial infarction, have shown that intake of omega-3 fatty acids reduces mortality by between 20 and 45 percent.

Therefore, an appropriate diet to ensure a proper balance between Omega-3 and Omega-6, as well as possible nutritional supplementation of Omega-3 fatty acids, combined with appropriate drug treatments and more general lifestyle improvements, is a reasonable strategy to prevent heart disease.

To date, there is no approach to cardiovascular disease prevention with which better results have been achieved than those achievable through Omega-3 intake.


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